A play-to-earn space-themed MMO game. SOLA-STAR and Companion NFT holders can play now and earn $SOLA (an ERC20 token).

The private alpha is now CLOSED

Thank you to everyone for playing and providing feedback!

Players that took part in the alpha and completed enough battles will be eligible for a unique, legendary spaceship skin when the game launches.

You'll be notified via your App Dashboard if you have qualified.

You can still join our waitlist to get priority access when the Public Beta begins.

Join the waitlist

Early Access

  • Owning a SOLA-STAR in play-to-earn game Operation Dawn

    Own a Star and those playing inside earn you bonus rewards

    Buy a Star
  • Owning a Companion in play-to-earn game Operation Dawn

    Own a Companion and make a deal to play on someone’s Star

    Mint a Companion
  • Join the Companion Employment Agency to earn rewards in play-to-earn game Operation Dawn

    Stake your Companions and join the CEA to earn 10% bonus rewards

    Join CEA
  • Claim Companion Spaceship Skin to use in play-to-earn game Operation Dawn

    Companion holders claim a free legendary NFT spaceship skin